A pair of books compiled by Paul McHenry, Chris Spencer, Dave Manning, Cameron Borg & Clinton Green and published (as A4 sized paperbacks) by Moonlight Publications

Australian Various Artist On Cassette (1997) ISBN 1-876187-12-3.
A listing of cassette-only compilations of Australian artists, released between 1978 and 1996. It includes a brief description of each release, full track listings, catalogue numbers and release dates.

Get It Down On Tape (1998) ISBN 1-876187-20-4.
A listing of cassette-only releases by Australian artists from 1972 to 1998. It includes brief biographical information, track listings, catalogue numbers and release dates.

Some Other Kinds of Poems (1998) APiTO Publications (APiTO 027)
My first book of poetry – collected poems (1996-1998) 17 pages ill.
Musings on Wreck Point / Notes on a Winter’s Day / Death of a Poet / The March of Time / A Smile / Tales From the Border War / Thought for Food ? / The American Right? /Dear Tibet / Early Morning / Late Afternoon / London, 1993 A.D. / Old Man Thames / Glastonbury Revisited / Dazzle / The Old Grey Lady / Yeats’ Grave / A Pocket of Empty Dreams / Melancholy Day / Rimbaud Cathedral

Spring Hill Blues (1999) APiTO Publications (APiTO 030)
242 verse set of poems written in three-week burst at Spring Hill, Brisbane in September 1999 246 pages

PUNK Rockhampton (Central Queensland indie music history 1979-1999) (2000) Moonlight Publications
Compiled by Cameron Borg and published (as an A4 sized booklet) by Moonlight Publications in 2000.
ISBN 1-876187-32-8. 48 pages ill.
This is a listing of lineups & releases by punk / underground / independent bands who performed in Central Queensland from 1979 to 1999, accompanied by some family trees.

Spring Hill Blues (spoken word) (2001) Cassette APiTO Publications (APiTO 034)
Spoken word poetry in 242 verses by Cameron Borg of his 1999 poetry book “Spring Hill Blues”

Capricorn Coast – Central Queensland (2003) Queensland State Archives
Part of SIGNPOSTS series published by QSA, finding aid to archival material held at QSA relating to Capricorn Coast, Central Queensland 39 pages

Haiku On Broadway (2003) APiTO Publications
32 haiku written at Broadway Street, Woolloongabba, Brisbane in 2000
12 pages

Illuminated Haiku On Broadway (2004) CQ Contemporary Artists / Cameron Borg
Edited by Joy Cronin, poems by Cameron Borg, illustrated by members of CQ Contemporary Artists
68 pages, ill.

Garbage Flowers (more poems 1996-2004) (2005) APiTO Publications (APiTO 038)
A round-up of ‘missing poems’ from 1996-2004, including excerpts from now out of print first two books of poetry.
also included for first time are the “WIRE series” composed in Fortitude Valley on 2nd March 2004. 28 pgs

Poem for Yesterday / Melancholy Day / Rimbaud Cathedral / 77th verse / 102nd verse / 139th verse / 180th verse / 210th verse / 223rd verse /
Speaking Out for the Animals / Statement of Vindication / I Robot / End View / Hiroshima / Meeting Stumpy / Can’t Fathom / Declination / People Start / Dream Mirage Reality 4 Free / Steve Gotobed / We Talked About Sylvia Plath / Princess Situation / The Torkington Card

Visions of Nick Drake (2006) APiTO Publications (APiTO 040)
“Dedicated to Nick Drake (1948-1974). … Excerpts of Nick Drake’s lyrics used as poem titles. … this set of poems is inspired by the life and work of English musician and songwriter Nick Drake.”
30 pgs. Cover Artwork courtesy of Marcel De Jong (c) 2006. “”
Burma Blues / England Home / “Far Leys” / A Young Dream / Run Your Race / Big Orange Chair / Is Life a Lie? / Tanworth-In-Arden (I) / Three Solitary Gigs / “Five Leaves Left” / Ice Cold Morning / Happy By the Sea / First Snowfall this Winter / Mary Jane / Downer / “Bryter Layter” / Critical Reaction Nil / Tanworth-In-Arden (II) / “Pink Moon” / “Hanging From a Star” / “From the Morning”

The Complete Recordings of TIM STEWARD (1987-2015) (Moonlight Publications 2016)
My second book with Australian rock specialists Moonlight, this time the complete recordings and discography of Tim Steward

Detailing every recording by Tim Steward over the past few decades, this illustrated B&W guide to Tim’s recordings traces his career from The Lethal Injections, The Madmen, Screamfeeder, The Whats, through to his current band We All Want To

Includes an Introduction by Johnny Busby (Halfway / St Jude)

Extensive discography, includes interviews, and free online downloads to previously unreleased live Screamfeeder gigs!

43 pages – Includes Index – Illustrated – Moonlight Publications (Australia) – RELEASED 4th October 2016 – NEW!
All (c) Cameron Borg except where noted otherwise

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