THE DOG-CHAIRS (1989-1991)


Formed by Alex and I in Brisbane in late 1989 we played a lot of shows, set attendance record for most punters at 4ZZZ Backstage Club with The Madmen, album charted #4 on the Brisbane KENT Records independent charts, after splitting in mid-1990, we reformed briefly in late 1991 to tour Queensland

We played a lot of fast hardcore originals, but also some covers from bands like  THE BIRTHDAY PARTY, FLIPPER, CRASS, STOOGES

Alex – guitar, vocals, CB – bass. vcls, + drummers: Tony Blades * (on loan from The Madmen), Marcello Milani @, Mark Peacock ^, Robbie Ward #, Matt Gaffney %

Sherwood Australian Rules Football Club, Brisbane  (with T*O*S)  29/09/1989 *
Backstage, The Alliance Tavern, Brisbane (with GRUNT) 11/11/1989 @
Backstage, The Alliance Tavern, Brisbane  (with The Madmen) 20/01/1990 @
The Roxy, Brisbane (with A*I*M, The Madmen) 2/3/ 1990 @
Wastelands, St Pauls Tavern, Brisbane (with Blowhard) 9/3/1990 ^
Wastelands, St Pauls Tavern, Brisbane  (with A*I*M, The Warthogs) 30/03/1990 ^
Souths Leagues Club, Brisbane (with A*I*M, The Madmen) 20/4/1990 ^
Matt & Rob’s Party, Errard Street, Brisbane May /1990 ^
The Cave Club, Annerley, Brisbane 25/5/1990 ^
Byfield Rainforest Benefit, East Street Mall, Rockhampton 20/1/1991 #
The Blue Stein, Rockhampton (matinee) 15/11/1991 %
The Blue Stein (evening) 15/11/1991 % #
AUSMUSIC DAY – Rock in the Parks, Townsville 23/11/1991 %
The Mudhut, River Park Tavern, Townsville (with 2 support bands) 23/11/1991 %
Club Grunt, Johnno’s Blues Bar, Cairns (with Mercy Seat, Zebbity) 27/11/1991 %


THE DOG-CHAIRS – “Lick Ya Gibs! Live 1990 A.D.”
Cassette (APiTO 003)
Recorded live to 4 track  @ Souths Leagues Club, Brisbane
Recorded by Glen McAllister, Photos by Gail Hargreaves
The Songs: Going Crazy / Back-Door Man / What Am I S’pose to Do? / Ha Ha Ha / Dead Joe / Stench-Core / Suck n Swallow / That Girl! / Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again? /
Old / Drinkin’ Cooper’s Ale / Corn-Fed Dames / Do They Owe Us a Living? / 1991
Extra songs on original cassette release: Deviants in the Pub  / Old / The Angry Song / I Feel Alright / Suck n Swallow / I Don’t Know Why? / World Won’t Listen
(all recorded live at Cave Club, Annerley on 25/5/1990 except “Deviants in the Pub” rec. live @ Wasteland, Spring Hill on 30/03/1990)
That Boring Place! / In My Eyes / Do They Owe Us a Living? / Drinking Cooper’s Ale / Anarchy by Alex / A*L*F
(all recorded live@ Backstage, Spring Hill on 20/1/1990)

Charted: #4 Kent Records Independent Charts, Brisbane (1990)

* REISSUED as limited edition tour CDR and only available on Steve Towson / Cameron Borg Queensland Tour 2012
Remastered with four bonus songs – (C) APiTO 2012 – APiTO 49
15 songs from Souths Leagues Club as above

In My Eyes / Deviants in the Pub / California Uber Alles / The Angry Song
(recorded @ Blue Stein, Rockhampton on 15/11/1991)

What About The Innocent?
(Pathetic Recordings) 1990
Featured: The World Won’t Listen

First Compilation (APiTO 001) 1991
Featured: Old

Stomach This (Blind Conformity) 1992
Featured: That Girl!

More Hippie Shit! (APiTO 008) 1992
Featured: Stench-Core, &, Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again?

Bob Dylan Revisited (APiTO 009) 1992
Featured: Rainy Day Women #12 & 35

Capt. Carl  sampler #3 (Junk Sculpture)
Featured: In a Rut (live)

APiTO documentary film soundtrack album (2xCD)
(APiTO 043) 2012
Featured: California Uber Alles (live)

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Compilation video including some DOG-CHAIRS footage
filmed live in Townsville 23/11/1991
BETA video footage from “Rock in the Parks” and Mudhut, Townsville

QUEENSLAND PUNK ROCK compilation video
Featured live footage of Lethal Injections, Smegma and The Dog-Chairs
Originally shot on BETA video

Footage from the above previous releases