SMEGMA (1986-1987)


Formed on a pub crawl in Rockhampton in late 1985 (The Swan Hotel in Denham Street to be exact!)
Mick & I had previously played in punk band SLAG in 1982
Dick Dale was THE punk about town and still is!
Rob roped in from pre-punk pub band

SMEGMA was pretty well known in the day – writeups in RAM and JUKE national music mags, regular airplay on 4ZZZ (Brisbane)
Played six gigs, including one in Townsville, last gig infamously raided by 12 squad cars!

Dick Dale has since gone on to front Adelaide hardcore bands GACY’S PLACE & Kamikaze

Disease – Vocals, Weedeater; Healer Monster – Guitar, Yardglass; Ant – Guitar, Harmonica; Shitface – The Drums, Bollox – The Bass, Vocals


Wandal AFC North Rockhampton 8/2/1986
42nd Battalion Memorial Pool North Rockhampton 12/4/1986
Punk / Skin Festival Emu Park 14/2/1987
Mushroom Club Royal Hotel Townsville (w/ Lethal Injections) 22/5/1987
Pedro’s Wine Bar North Rockhampton 3/7/1987
Pedro’s Wine Bar North Rockhampton 1/8/1987




“SMEGMA – A Stain On Your Society” cassette
Released CheesyKnob Productions 1987
Reissued & © APiTO label 1991 (APiTO 006)
Cover art: Angela G.
First 50 copies with limited edition photocopied 10 page booklet

The Songs:
Deviants in the Pub / Noise 4 U / Popstar Punks / Mary Had a Little Lamb / Ant Live and the Electric Dick / Get My Thrills / Abortion Sux / Revolution #13 / Cat Went Down the Road / Deviants in the Pub (live) / Smegma (A Stain on Your Society) / None of Your Business / Hurrey Up / Noise 4 U (live) / Smegma (live) / The Earthworm Song / Get My Thrills (live) / Anarchy in the U.K. / Killing an Arab / Hurrey Up (live)

“SMEGMA / LETHAL INJECTIONS – live at the Mushroom Club” cassette
Released & © APiTO label 1991 (APiTO 002)
Recorded: Live sound by Richard Marten at Royal Hotel Townsville 22/5/1987
Lethal Injections originals © Tim Steward and Lethal Injections 1987

I Feel Alright / Headache / Ridin’ With The Driver / Real Life / I Feel Dead / Man the Destroyer / Grown Up Cold / Brainwashed / Chaos / 17 Years of Hell / Gas Attack / Boston Babies

Noise 4 U / City Claustrophobia / Anarchy in the U.K. / Killing an Arab / Ha Ha Ha / Hurrey Up / Deviants in the Pub / Cat Went Down the Road  / Way of the World / Aussie Hardcore / Smegma  / Whatcha Gonna Do About It? / Freak

“SMEGMA – 3 song e.p.” 7″ single
Released & © APiTO label 1996 (APiTO 021)

Side A: Deviants In The Pub
Produced by Pete Daley @ Daley Planet Studio, North Rockhampton 3/1/1987
(45 rpm)

Side B: Noise 4 U
Live sound by Richard Marten (4TTT), Royal Hotel, Townsville 22/5/1987
Popstar Punks
North Rockhampton bedroom demo circa May 1987
(33 rpm)

Clear vinyl single came in picture sleeve, with lyric insert and A2 poster
Limited edition of 50 – sold out within a fortnight

“SMEGMA” CD album
Compilation of single, live recordings, demos and rehearsals covering period 1986-1987
Released & © APiTO label 2007 (APiTO 041)
Foldout cover included discography, videos, gigs played, demo and tape covers, band photos, notes on the songs, and liner notes by Jim Douglas

The Songs:
Deviants in the Pub (studio) / City Claustrophobia / Whatcha Gonna Do About It? / None of Your Business / Hurrey Up / Cat Went Down the Road / She Hates You / Revolution #13 / Popstar Punks / Mary had a Little Lamb / I’m Constipated / Noise 4 U / Deviants in the Pub (version) / Get My Thrills / Mice / Earthworm Song

“SMEGMA Live 87” album
(c) APiTO Limited Edition 2012 – APiTO 046

Given away as a freebie and only available on the 2012 Steve Towson / Cameron Borg tour of Queensland
SMEGMA recorded live @ Cathedral Hall, Rockhampton in 1987 by Rob Shitface

The Songs:
Deviants in the Pub / None Of Your Business / Noise 4 U / Hurrey Up / Smegma / Ant Live & the Electric Dick / Get My Thrills / Cat Went Down the Road / Abortion Sux / Mice /
There Is No Words
Low Life (demo) /  Deviants in the Pub (7″ single)

(c) Cheesy-Knob Productions / APiTO (2017) APiTO 051

Deviants In The Pub (7″ studio) / City Claustrophobia (live @ Mushroon Club, Townsville) / None Of Your Business (live @ Cathedral Hall, Rockhampton) / Popstar Punks (Bedroom demo, North Rockhampton)

All songs (c) Smegma 1987 / Front Cover-Art (c) Dick Dale / Cheesy-Knob Productions


What About The Innocent? (Pathetic Recordings) 1990
Featured: Deviants in the Pub

1st Compilation (APiTO label) 1991
Featured: Noise 4 U

Stomach This (Blind Conformity) 1992
Featured: Cat Went Down the Road
Deviants in the Pub

More Hippie Shit (APiTO label) 1992
Featured: Deviants in the Pub (live)

Free Tibet (APiTO label) 1993
Featured: Low Life

APiTO documentary film soundtrack album (2xCD)
(APiTO 043) 2012
Featured: Deviants in the Pub (studio), City Claustrophobia (live)

For more extensive details see the ON FILM section of this website

SMEGMA on film

“The Cheesy film” home-made documentary (VHS video)
Directed by Dick Dale (1986)
© Cheesyknob Productions 1986

SMEGMA – 1st gig – live@ Wandal Bulls AFC Clubhouse
VHS video
© Cheesyknob Productions 1986

SMEGMA / LETHAL INJECTIONS live in Townsville 22/5/1987
BETA video footage appears in “Upon deafened ears”

Queensland Punk Rock compilation video
Featured live footage of Lethal Injections, Smegma and The Dog-Chairs
Out of print VHS edit – compilation

Live SMEGMA footage from Wandal AFC Club, North Rockhampton (1986) & Mushroom Club Townsville (1987)