After SMEGMA split up I was pretty keen to get a new punk band going
This 3 piece was the first serious band Alex and I formed together, we practised hard, learnt our chops, which stood us in good stead by the time we formed
THE DOG-CHAIRS in Brisbane the following year
We played stuff like Flipper, The Clash, Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys, Hard-Ons, Bad Brains, CRASS, mostly covers with a couple of originals as well
Ran some D.I.Y. shows at the Grosvenor Hotel in Rockhampton, and travelled up to Townsville for a dodgy Battle of The Bands comp

Alex – guitar, vcls, Hendo – drums, CB – bass, vcls

The Grosvenor Hotel, Rockhampton 3rd September 1988
Battle of the Bands James Cook Uni. Townsville  14th October 1988
The Grosvenor Hotel, Rockhampton 28th October 1988


APiTO documentary film soundtrack album (2xCD)
(APiTO 043) 2012
Way of the World (live)