My first ever band formed with a bunch of loser mates from High School – we played a show at a party in North Rockhampton, and recorded a couple of (thankfully) long lost live rehearsal tapes
As is the way with first bands, we fumbled our way through Elvis, Beatles & Stones covers, punk hadn’t hit regional Queensland as yet

PIC – (L-R) CB- gtr, Ray McCartney – bass, vcls, Wog Dog Corrie – lead gtr, Maggot – drums (Photo (C) and thanks to Ray)


Formed this one with the drummer when the other two left unannounced and started a new band
Moving away from pop, and playing harder rock stuff

Maggot – drums, Michael Tsang – guitar, John Kendricks – guitar CB – bass


My first band to get out there and play proper paid gigs
Playing new wave and punk stuff that no-one else was playing

Bands like Sex Pistols, The Jam, The Police
Rob’s been a good mate to this day, JK did a McLaren and scampered with the cash!

John Kendricks – guitar, Robbie Ward – drums, CB – bass

St Johns Ambulance Hall, North Rockhampton 1982
Talbot Estate shed, Rockhampton 1982
The Oriental Hotel, Rockhampton – 3 shows – 1982
CIAE Refectory – 2 shows – 1982

CYST  (1982)

My first punk band – played a party in Campbell Street, Rockhampton
Influenced by Rockhampton’s only punk band THE REJECTS, who were legends in a town that hated punk
Mick and I wanted to form a punk band, and roped in useless Maggot on drums, and Lee Spindler AWOL from the RAAF
Incidently Mick’s big brother Dave was the lead singer for THE REJECTS
We played one party at Campbell Street, some originals and the SEX PISTOLS “Anarchy in the UK” ten times!

Mick Burrows – gtr, Lee Spindler – vocals, Maggot – drums, CB – bass

Campbell Street Party, Rockhampton 1982